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Farm / Rural Buildings

The options with relation to Farm Sheds are numerous, allowing you to mix and match open bays and closed bays with sliding doors and roller doors. If you have a design in mind our highly trained team have the ability to make it happen. At Aussie Made our sturdy and durable farm sheds for sale are the best option for Melbourne customers and others across Victoria. Our farm and rural buildings stand out and can be customised into different styles including:

  • Double Flat Roof Carport
  • Gable Roof Carport
  • Dutch Gable Carport
  • Compliment Your House Style
  • Range of Awnings
Carport Shade
Colour Chart

We’re committed to providing a range of colour options for all our sheds and garages in Melbourne.

Our staff can guide you through step by step… From the size, design and colours of your garage to plans and permits, even the concrete slab can be organised all under the one roof.

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  • UAlso available in COLORBOND® Ultra steel for coastal and industrial environments. All other colours are available in COLORBOND® Ultra steel on request, please speak with your supplier
  • SAlso available in COLORBOND® Stainless steel for severe coastal and industrial environments. Please speak to your supplier for more information regarding availability.
CLASSIC Colour Range5
  • night sky®
    colour range5
  • DUNE®
  • COVE™
  • GULLY™
  • mangrove™
  • Wallaby™
  • Basalt™
  • terrain®
Need the Best Barn? Trust Aussie Made

Rural Farm Sheds

Enhance your farm with Aussie Made Garages and Barn’s hay sheds or rural farm sheds. We have all kinds of barns designs that will meet every need of your classical property. Therefore, if you are looking for farm sheds in Melbourne that are affordable and will last longer than your expectations, then do not look further for Aussie Made Garages and Barns is one call away from service. Our selection of rural sheds, farm sheds, and hay sheds have been expertly designed and manufactured to protect stock from damage, theft, or inclement weather conditions.

Farm Sheds Melbourne

Whether it is for storing or stocking, our farm sheds in Melbourne will provide you with the space and flexibility you need. Our range of rural sheds is designed keeping in mind the practical purposes. The open front sheds are great for storing grain or hay, as they are an open structure with no wide-open bays or doors. The ample space helps you store more than enough bales of fodder, whereas the height gives access to the tallest stock vehicles and the width gives access to the widest headers, whilst providing safety from harsh weather.

Specialising in designing and building functional farm sheds, Melbourne-based property owners can turn to the professionals at Aussie Made to build and erect large and big farm sheds made to meet their specific needs and requirements. Our outstanding farm storage shed designs have been proven to deliver functional storage solutions for farmers and other customers working the land. At Aussie Made we build superior farm sheds and barns for sale at competitive rates. Melbourne locals and beyond can benefit from our unique farm shed designs available across Victoria.

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Say Neigh to Bad Horse Barns Thanks to Aussie Made

Horse Barn

The closed front hay sheds provide a safety for your farm, which can be either with bays, roller doors or sliding doors. Rural sheds are one of the most spacious and stylish farm sheds in Melbourne available at Aussie Made Garages and Barns. These outback structures are ideal for storage, parking vehicles, shading the equipment and protecting the feed. With various bay sizes, heights and widths to choose from, Aussie Made Garages and Barns are able to manufacture and design farm equipment and machinery sheds that will fit your equipment safely and comfortably. Capable of keeping horses and livestock safe from unforgiving weather conditions our horse barns are well-suited for our customers living and working in the Australian climate.

Hay Sheds

Farm machinery is expensive, which is why we take every precaution to protect it from Australia’s harsh weather conditions. Our team has all the ideal structures that will suit your budget and needs. We offer a huge range of rural sheds for storing all kinds of materials. These sheds include:

  • Farm Sheds
  • Hay Sheds
  • Barns
  • Quaker Barns
  • American Style Barns

Call us and have a chat with our friendly customer service representative about your needs. We also give a free quote to our clients if they are worried about the budget. Custom designed and built with the best materials we offer our farm sheds at competitive prices. Melbourne locals and beyond wanting more information can speak to our team today!

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