Steel Carports
Steel Carports

Steel Carports

At Aussie Made, we are the leaders in steel carport design and installation. Handling the entire process for you, our team can plan, manufacture, supply, and install steel carports that meet your exact needs. Whether it’s a gable carport or a series of double carports, the team at Aussie Made will get the job done.

The steel carports built by the team at Aussie Made aren’t just incredibly strong; they’re also highly affordable. Our Registered Builders are proud to provide competitive pricing and free quotes for all your carport needs.

Carport Shade
Colour Chart

Aussie Made proudly provides a range of different colour options for your new carport or garage.

Explore our classic and contemporary Colorbond choices now to find the design that suits you.

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  • UAlso available in COLORBOND® Ultra steel for coastal and industrial environments. All other colours are available in COLORBOND® Ultra steel on request, please speak with your supplier
  • SAlso available in COLORBOND® Stainless steel for severe coastal and industrial environments. Please speak to your supplier for more information regarding availability.
CLASSIC Colour Range5
  • night sky®
    colour range5
  • DUNE®
  • GULLY™
  • Wallaby™
  • Basalt™

Our steel carports will be custom designed to match the style you want and the functionality you need. From flat carports to Dutch gable designs, Aussie Made is sure to have a solution for you. Our team operates across Melbourne and in towns throughout Victoria.

Are you interested in steel carport kits that you can assemble yourself? Steel carport kits are a great alternative to traditional carport structures, which are connected to your home. With Aussie Made, you can quickly assemble a new carport that matches your property and protects your vehicle. To learn more about carport kits, get in touch today.

To get started with your new steel carport, call us on 03 9739 6999 or contact Aussie Made online to get a quote.

Fully Customisable Steel Carports

If you’re looking for a carport that you can really make your own, look no further than our fully customisable steel carports here at Aussie Made. With accessories and design to meet all your needs, our custom steel carports are the perfect option for those seeking both style, and functionality.

How to use the Steel Carport Accessories?

When designing your custom steel carport, you’ll be able to include any of the following options:

  • Partition Walls
  • Skylights
  • Mezzanine Floors
  • Security Screens
  • Additional Roller Doors
  • Remote Control Unit
  • Remote Control Handpiece

As skylights are easier to install in the initial build of your carport, we recommend including these in your design plan from the beginning. They can also be installed afterwards, but this is usually a less cost-effective option.

What are the Factors to Consider When Building a Steel Carport?

At Aussie Made, we use special engineering software that ensures that your design is appropriate for the specific conditions of your property and surroundings. We will provide you with these structural calculations, and won’t start building until satisfied that all standards have been met.

What are the Steel Carport Permit Requirements?

Getting a permit for your steel carport doesn’t have to be a headache. We’re happy to submit a permit application on your behalf, which should only take around 2-3 weeks to be approved.

Steel Carport Kits

If you’d rather organise your own builder, or prefer to DIY, all of our steel carports can also come as kits. Your kit will come with clear instructions and illustrations, to ensure you still get professional results.

How much is the Steel Carport Pricing and Installation Costs?

Because your steel carport is customised to suit your unique needs and preferences, pricing will vary from project to project. To get an idea of the cost of your custom steel carport, get your free quote from us today.

How to do the Steel Carport Maintenance?

All Aussie Made products have been extensively tested to ensure they withstand the harsh conditions Australia experiences. If you want to ensure your custom steel shed looks amazing for years to come, all it takes is some simple maintenance.

It is recommended that all Zincalume and Colorbond steel roofing is washed down every 6 months with clean water. This will help to prevent corrosion, and help to maintain the condition of your carport.

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